Friday, August 20, 2004

This just in - Lovella will be in NYC from this coming Tuesday (24th) in time for Acentos!!!! until Wednesday September 1st. She will be working most of the time, especially during the day time. however, she would LOVE to spend some time with you all, so please reserve a lunch, dinner, drink time, and/or sleepover night. first pick will be given to those who she has not gotten to spend much time with at all or as of late such as Maria, Jai, Ed, Salome, the list goes on... Howeva! that does not mean that she does not LOVE you all very much, she does. She would also like to add that she is very excited to get to hang out with you all. Get in touch with her asap!

Definite Schedule:

24 - Tuesday evening: Acentos
26 - Thursday 6-9p booked
28 - Saturday 8a-10p or later booked (Books not Bombs Youth Convergence) be there!
29 - Sunday 9-4? - World Says no to Bush Agenda Rally and March - be there!!!!
30 - Monday 6-10p Meeting - I'm SO sorry Eliel (Eliel's Uppercase, be there!)
31 - Monday 9a-2p Meeting - Arif's Birthday, Happy Birthday (some time reserved for Arif)
Sept 1st - need to be at airport by noon - to go home to Michigan (Battle Creek Kuya!)