Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ever think about this...
avoiding your self. as in, getting so caught up in your work and the logistics of life and the pain and survival of life that you realize at some point that you feel like you've lost touch with your self. your feelings and emotions about living and about who you are and want to be and the shit that you still have to process. with all the transition and travelling and stress and intensity that has been my pushing and storming ahead life lately, i seem to have forgotten Lovella. not completely and not always but in more ways than i want to and in more ways that are healthy for me. i need to really process and understand and utilize things that i have experienced. for example, the time i spent in Georgia during the School of Americas stuff with the vets (and the guys who are stationed at Ft. Benning). These guys (and gals) have been thru SO much shit. seen and done so much and here they are, pushing through, being beautiful, being strong, loving. i need to take that shit to heart. think of them when i am feeling weak and frustrated and discouraged and sad. see their strength as a piece of my own and know that not only can i take this world on, i can do it holding their hands and your hands and singing and dancin and loving each other. such a damn hippie i know. but thats me, and i do truly believe that stuff. so times up Lovella Rose, quit your cryin and whinin and kick ass!


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