Thursday, September 14, 2006

I never blog!!!
but, i did finish my book of poetry!!! if ya wanna have it ($5), email me! Here's a little taste...
go to my myspace page. (but i never update that either)

If I could build myself

if i could build that self over
i’d mold a mouth that said No, loud and clear
eyes that could see thru lies
ears that heard all the warnings
that were never told to me
hands that had not betrayed me
i’d construct legs that ran from danger
a body that protected itself
and a mind that knew who it could trust

If I could build myself over again
I’d design a tongue that does not pierce
but speaks gently
eyes that see confidence past
the gray clouds of fear and doubt
ears that obey my heart’s hungry honesty and hopes
hands that are creative, quick and careful
legs that dance well enough to follow my fantasies
I’d assemble a body that’s strong enough
to get up when I fall

a mind that could remember
or forget
a mind that could decide

and a heart that could heal itself


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