Monday, October 31, 2005

wrote this to sort things out, come to a better place, just sharing to be honest and see if anyone has thoughts about how to destress, but i think its all good.

Just need to clear my head, feel better about things, not be so stressed and sad. I’m super stressed about this work stuff…worrying about our financial position, so much to do for the events this week and Nov. 17, I feel like I screw up contstantly at work. Hey, I’m in Austin, Texas visiting fun friends who I don’t get to see often/ever, the weather is great, I get to ride a bike, go to a Pinay conference this weekend, maybe see some friends in LA, I listened to my nieces the other day, I relaxed and had fun most of the weekend, played some fun, kick-ass soccer yesterday, went to a great class this morning, get to be around other radicals having conversations, meeting new people, being exposed to different things, make jokes, have a great new laptop, RoW will be done this week, my body is sore. Thanks to my Mother for providing me with nutrients (there is some great food here) and the weather and her wonderful children. Need to connect to her more…connect to me…


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