Monday, November 14, 2005

part of some things i am wrote up for a couple of my friends:
What I’m struggling with most right now:
1. Making time for myself, spirituality
2. Feeling overwhelmed and unproductive/useful at work
3. Not feeling as close as I’d like to with my faraway (distance) friends, making good close friends here in NYC, those everyday friends (but working on it, have 3 good prospects)

What I love about life right now:
1. I’m hanging out with this radical, fun, funny, smart, inspiring group of Filipina women
2. Gonna see lots of friends and other great people at the School of Americas protests
4. Riding the subway is so stimulating in EVERY sense, it amuses me, and makes me feel so many emotions
5. I’m reading an anthology of essays by Filipina/American women about us and our experiences and learning so much, it's called Pinay Power, in ROCKS

What I want to actively work on right now:
Spiritual energy, I need to make my spiritual path, get my shit together

an excerpt to a friend living in Portland:
i'm so jealous that you are in such a beautiful place as far as nature goes. man i miss that. i get sidewalks, concrete, skyscrapers, 5 story advertisements, subways, and smog. but in the mix i get people saying funny random things, beautiful looking people, constant exploration, things to do all the time, poetry everywhere, newness everywhere, excessive stimulation (particularly on the subway), cute little babies, music and breakdancing in subway stations, etc.


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Dear Lovella:
Glad to know you enjoyed PINAY POWER! You can add your comments to my blog at:


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