Thursday, October 20, 2005

lonely and new york in the same line. i'm such a whiner.
yes, its possible. i sit here at work at 819pm, by choice i must admit. i'm tired and hungry and need to go home. but i wanted to write, to work some shit out in my head. but i dont want to just complain. of course i'm f-n busy. but i LOVE my job. and i would not be doing anything else. and i am SO fortunate to be able to say that. i'm leaving for texas next week, for 10 days, for work, and play. i'm also going to a pinay conference, that is a women's filipino conference, which i'm really really excited about. however, my brother called me today to see if i would come home for my mom's birthday on the weekend i leave for texas. i wish he would have asked me earlier. i feel guilty about leaving my family. missing another birthday, a big one. i got to hear my niece brooklyn babbling on the phone today, so that was nice. i guess i just need to do my thing. go home, write some poetry, maybe make a necklace, oh yeah, and that eating thing. i feel better. soon it will be the weekend and i'll have more time. and i get a laptop tomorrow, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!


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