Tuesday, May 25, 2004

hey everyone!
ahhhhh! i'm feeling a little crazy. i know that you all read my last very long blog... now i'm job searching. and its going well. but... there is this ymca job i was offered. i would be working at a summer camp with 11-14 yr olds, and working especially on a service learning project with them. that would be great, and maybe she would hire me for the fall after that, if i dont go to nyc. she is really great and i would like to work with her. the pay is okay, but takes an hour to get to. she wanted my decision by wednesday, tomorrow. that was monday morning. so i was happy. then i got an email. i am one of four (of seventeen, of more) that is being given a chance to interview. the position is a "peace education fellowship" which would be fucking amazing. and, it pays okay, get benefits, 11 month contract, travelling, organizing, teaching youth, activist stuff, good people, learning, using skills i have, etc. it would be great. but i cant interview until tuesday (for four hours!, with 2 ppl or one at times). and then they dont make the decsion till that friday, next friday. so the ymca woman needs my answer. she said shed wait until THIS friday, but i dont even interview till tuesday. shit, what should i do? i REALLY want to get the fellowship. but i need a job, should i say yes to the ymca. i also had a really strong interview this morning, for a learning center/day care, working with 3-5 year olds. fun! but, i dont know if i'm being offered that yet. so if i say no to ymca, get rejected at peace ed, then i still might have this to fall back on. then id just leave them and come to nyc in sept. oh, ed, you HAVE to call me! everyone, call me. my cell is out of service so call it to get my home number. call now! i love you.


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