Wednesday, April 28, 2004

MICHIGAN! So i know most of you dont care about michigan but i do. my people here anyway...nevermind. i'll just say what i gotta say, which is a shitload so actually since its 142am and my 3-teeth niece (say that shit 3 times fast) is gonna wake my ass up smilin in about 4 hours, so i gotta get some sleep. besides, this is not NYC, this is MI and we fuckin sleep here. (maybe thats the problem...or at least one of them) okay so, yeah, i just wanted to let you all know that i am alive. (no thanks or much thanks to Spirit airlines fucking mechanics...more on this scary shit later) and, thank you thank you thank you for an amazing trip to NYC and all your crazy lovin and healin that you give me. i miss you all but i know that i need to be here, creating new, ahh, deepening and strengthening and complicating and opening my relationships with my family... its painful and necessary and beautiful.
sorry i missed your performances at acentos "SEXY" ladies - i swear i could choke eric for that shit! but i know you were wonderful as you always are in many ways than i have yet to find out. but i will!
probably wont be able to blog too much, but i'll fit you in somewhere...keep checkin me out!
p.s. thanks for all your blogs, i love hearing your hearts.
Love and hugs and kisses for all of you!!!!!!!!


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