Wednesday, April 28, 2004

haha, i'm back already! shit, this stuff has already sucked me in, we'll see if i keep it up! please disregard the design on my page, it is not mine and although i really do appreciate it, i am gonna get it changed cuz i am not a commie and thats what it looks like...anyway.
today has been great so far. interesting, i went from vacationing with a bunch of crazy fantastic poets in NYC to being a stay-at-home mom in MI. crazy! i love being with her, shes so much fun and we just laugh and i love to hear her laugh and see her gummy and toothy smile! she makes me value my ability to put my own socks on and have fairly decent balance cuz she puts her hands out it front of her like a zombie, at least i'm okay if i'm sober! she's so happy, a breath of fresh air and what i want and need right now. oftentimes, i really feel like a different person in this place, with my family... how do i merge my selves to make them see more of me...
quick update on the airplane thing. So it was supposed to leave the air at 355pm and i arrived at about 340. the irritated flight staff told me that i need to be 2 hours early, and that the next one left tomorrow morning. her super asked if i had baggage and she said only carry-on (thank goodness i'm getting better at this packing light shit!) so he nodded his head and said i was okay. but she said that i should run and she wasnt making any promises. this was before she got into the computer with my supposed info cuz i had an e-ticket. apparently i used some other random credit card i dont even own but all the other info i gave her was correct. somehow i was able to start my run. however in this case i was very lucky becuz unlike my other almost missed flights of running for miles in airports, this was only domestic so it wasnt so far! yeah, i made it! then the left engine wouldnt start so we had to wait around about 45-60 minutes for that shit (shaft) to be changed. the flight was just as scary, loud, screechy, bumpy, strange, scary. i was so glad to get off that shit alive, and i have to do it again on the ninth! that said, i'll see you all then, at least on the 10th for the slam at bar 13! yeah!
think of babies!


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